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About us

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Ines with Björn and the Horse Ilu



  • Training of horse and rider

  • Mediation of Iberian horses

  • care place with daily riding

  • seminars

  • Species-appropriate attitude

  • seat training

  • suppleness training

  • gymnastic lunging

  • tension-relieving ground work

We offer

As I'm sure many of us, I started horseback riding when I was a little girl! It started with the first own pony and at some point the first own horse followed! Riding badges were added and a number of courses were attended. But the best part was riding out with the horses. As a teenager I was drawn to the racetrack for family reasons. Training the racehorses and taking part in competitions was an intense and enjoyable time.

But really deep down inside, I always wanted something different. I always had my own horses, which I trained myself.

So I fulfilled my dream of my first P.R.E. , the Pura Raza Espanol.

From here everything changed! It didn't stay with one horse for long. My desire to learn more and to go "other" ways with the horses grew stronger and stronger. When I was looking for a trainer, I met Claus Sohrt .... and it didn't seem to have been a coincidence! He was exactly the person I needed by my side.

After some time, I had the opportunity to turn my hobby into a career.

In order to constantly develop myself further, I worked closely with my trainer, but also attended other seminars with other trainers in classical horsemanship. Since 2014 I have been placing Spanish horses, training, teaching and trying to develop myself further.


If you browse our website, you will discover that our videos have original music composed. That's one of Bjoern's talents! So if you ever need your own music for a freestyle, show or just for your horse video...... please contact us.

Bjoern has been composing his own music for many years and can stage you and your horse musically.

You can't do it alone

Lena has been an integral part of our team since 2019. She prepares the young horses on the ground with sensitivity and is usually the one who sits on the youngsters' backs for the first time.


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